Matt Brooks – Sailing Enthusiast, All-Around Adventurer

November 15th, 2012

A sense of adventure and an enduring love of the outdoors are two characteristics that help define Matt Brooks of San Francisco. Growing up in California, Brooks began cultivating this love early on. Much of his youth was spent sailing on San Francisco Bay and eventually racing on it as well in his first yacht, the Quarter Pounder. When he wasn’t sailing, he was taking his first solo flight at a similarly young age. Somehow he also found the time to enter the sport of mountaineering and eventually became a ski and mountain guide.

For Matt Brooks, Sailing Is More Than Just A Hobby

With over 50 years of sailing experience on his resume, it is safe to say that sailing is not simply a hobby for William Mathews Brooks. He has won three World Championships in the last three years and has restored two pre-World War II era boats. Matt Brooks is the current owner and skipper of the Dorade, a 52’ Classic S&S Yawl, and the Lucie, a Classic 6 Metre. He has already won three international trophies with Lucie and will continue to pursue more accolades with her.

The Adventurer Within

Matt Brooks’ adventurous spirit doesn’t stop at sailing. As a mountain guide, he is responsible for first ascents in the California Sierras and the French Alps, inventing a revolutionary rescue sled and designing ski guide cards that were in so much demand that he eventually began selling them. Those two inventions were actually the catalysts for William Mathews Brooks to open his own mountaineering equipment company called Brooks-Range. When he’s not climbing mountains or guiding skiers, Brooks finds time to pursue world record flights in his custom Citation business jet.

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